Dominating The Billionaires


Audrey Bardin was the owner of many successful banks in New York City. She was content with her life because she had it all. A husband, money, a comfortable penthouse, you name it. She was content, but not happy even though she didn’t know the difference.

Everything was going according to plan until she found out her husband of ten years was having an affair. Angry and heartbroken, she decided to disappear off the face of the earth. She would make sure that he would never find her ever again. 

She decided to start a new life in the other side of the world where she wouldn’t be the face of embarrassment and ridicule. She worked her asš off to forget, to find herself again. 

One day she realized that she had enough of moping around and needed a breather. Asking her assistant to cancel all remaining meetings for the day, she hopped into her car in search for something that would bring excitement back into her life. 

Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would end up at a club to bring pleasure to those that sought it. The moment she walked in, she was greeted by spankings and naked females surrounded by large men with whips. She gulped, not knowing what she had gotten herself into and that she had just caught the eye of not just one, but four Doms. 


Her Billionaire Angel Investor


Andrea Lacey is an independent and persistent interior designer. Against all odds, she built Designs by Drea, hoping that it would become the number one company in California.

When she finds herself almost at bankruptcy, Andrea seeks investors to help her save the company of her dreams. Little did she know that the man interested in investing in her company is none other than, Dominico D’Ambrosi, the man she had a one night stand a year prior after a bad breakup.

To her surprise, he isn’t just the billionaire of her indecent dreams. When secrets begin coming to light, will she refuse his help and close down the company or will she follow her stubborn heart?