My Beta or My Mate


Twenty-five year old Stella Gomez has it all. A wonderful pack, great parents, and the perfect beta/ best friend, Dante Bowe. Everything is going great until Dante finds his mate, causing their relationship to drift apart. After seeing her best friend so in love, Stella realizes her feelings for Dante weren’t merely that of friendship, not that she can do anything about it since he seemed so in love. She lost all hope when Dante announced that they were expecting their first pup. 

Now, more than ever Stella hoped to find her fated mate so she could find happiness and forget Dante once and for all. Even though Stella hadn’t found her mate, she felt that she was finally over Dante. That was until Dante’s mate gave birth and died during labor, leaving behind a very delicate pup and a heartbroken Dante. Dante and Stella once again get close in order to care for his sick pup. Once again, feelings begin to flourish, but this time Dante falls deeply in love as well. 

When Dante finally builds the courage to share his feelings with Stella, she comes face to face with her fated mate, Alpha Bradley Andrews. Like any alpha, Bradley is possessive and wants to claim his long awaited mate, but is Stella ready to accept the bond or is her love for Dante stronger than the goddess given bond?


A dark, steamy paranormal romance.