My Sealed Mate


Lycans have been sealing she-wolves for centuries which meant that they had chosen the females to be their ‘lifelong’ mate. When Nadia Rae woke up on her sixteenth birthday, her family and her found out to their horror that she had been sealed by a lycan.

Nadia nor her family were going to accept her being taken in by those evil lycans. Since then, Nadia and her mother had been on the run, from pack to pack before they finally gave up. They decided to stop risking others and just go rogue. They never expected to find hope after over two years of running.

Caleb Blackwell is a ruthless alpha who has yet to find his luna. He has been considering taking a chosen mate to secure an important alliance for his pack. Everything changes the day he covers his beta’s border patrol. He runs into an injured rogue that turns out to be none other than his most precious mate. Will he accept her when he finds out that she has already been sealed? Will he choose her over securing the alliance with the Blue Moon pack?


A dark, paranormal romance.

Sealing My Mate

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