Not Your Typical Alpha


When my father, former alpha of the Silver Moon pack, chose me as the next leader of our pack, I knew exactly what I’d be up against. A whole world of judgement. But that’s what happens when you become the first alpha female to lead such a powerful pack.

I was more than ready to show all those sexist alphas how worthy I was of my position. But I never imagined that I’d meet my mate the same day I attended my first alpha meeting. My mate, Alejandro Blackstone, was the alpha of the strongest and most powerful pack in the country. 

Now I struggle to fight every part of my body from giving into the bond and submitting to him. Because I do want to give into the bond, but not at the cost of my title. I can’t give up everything to become his luna. Not when I had fought so hard to become the respected Alpha Reina Stone. Not when this was my destiny. How can I lead the way I was meant to when my mate wants me to submit to him like every other male in our world? 

When weird attacks start to happen in different packs around the country, decisions must be made. Decisions that will test us as alphas and as mates. Will our bond survive everything that is thrown our way when I refuse to be marked, knowing we would both be at our strongest?  


A dark, steamy paranormal romance.

The Alpha's Mistake


We thought we were invincible, untouchable, the most powerful alphas in the region. We thought our biggest obstacle was our rank, and maybe my stubbornness to be marked and give into the bond.

But once I was marked, and we stopped Alpha Killian, everything was fine. Until it wasn’t…

What I never expected was for a mistake from my past to return with the intentions to take it all from me. My happiness. My pack. My mate. 

If things weren’t hard enough as we recovered from the latest attack on our pack, a new problem arose. When pack members all over the region start to disappear, it is up to us and our pack to reach to the bottom of things. The problem is will everyone from the Silver Forest pack make it out alive this time? 


A dark, steamy paranormal romance.

The Alpha's Dragon Mate


Regina Blackstone was the next in line to become alpha of the largest most powerful pack in the country. It wasn’t until she attended a mating ball that she felt that maybe something was missing in her life. She never thought she wanted a mate until many of her cousins found one during the ceremony. 

In order to forget her new concerns, she decided to go on a run with her gamma and best friend. During her run, she came face to face with an unconscious injured man only to find out that he was her mate.  Who was her mate? Why was he injured and unconscious? Why was he in her pack? Will he bring danger to her pack and family? 

Never in her wildest dreams did she think that her life was going to take the sudden turn when he surfaces from his unconsciousness.  


A dark, steamy paranormal romance.

Sir Noah


Noah Blackstone is the brother of one of the strongest alphas to exist. After weeks of tension and preparation to fight off the villains that want to destroy his family and the supernaturals, they finally managed to get rid of said villains. The men of the Silver Forest pack decide to take the girls out for some much needed relaxing time. What was supposed to be a time to have fun, turned into a fight between the men and other supernaturals because of a disagreement. A fight that ended up pushing Sir Noah out and forcing him to teach his Witchy Mate who she belongs to.

This is a short story that is connected to The Silver Forest Series. The timeline is after The Alpha’s Mistake and before the epilogues. This story will be pure steam, so you have been warned.  


A dark, short, steamy paranormal romance.